Our History


Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Belluscura was established in 2015 in the U.K. Our focus is enriching life through innovation by developing new and innovative enriched oxygen treatment platforms. Belluscura is developing proprietary oxygen enrichment technologies that can be applied across a range of treatment possibilities.

What does Belluscura mean?

The name Belluscura has Latin roots. The two words that form the name are BELLUS (Latin for Beautiful) and CURA (Care in Latin), thus Belluscura means Beautiful Care.

There is also a deeper meaning to the name Belluscura that underscores our commitment to enriching life through innovation. Originating in ancient Rome, literary and mythological sources point to the roots of the “Cura” tradition of care, named after a mythological figure. According to the Greco-Roman myth, as Cura (Care) was crossing a river she picked up some clay and molded it into a human form. Care then asked Jupiter to give her creation the spirit of life, which he did. Afterwards Care, Jupiter and Earth could not agree on what to call the new being, so they asked Saturn for help. Saturn decided it should be called “human," but since Jupiter gave it the spirit of life, he would take the spirit back after death; since the human was made from Earth’s body (clay), she would receive it back after death; and since Care created the human being, she would keep and care for it as long as it lives.