Belluscura well-received at the UK Investor Show

The Global Group UK Investor Show is UK’s number 1 investor event, owned by the Wray family. This year’s show took place March 30, featuring 125+ exhibitors and attracting 2,500 attendees.

Investors that visited the Belluscura booth had the opportunity to meet the company CEO Bob Rauker and CFO Tony Dyer and learn more about the X-PLO2R portable oxygen concentrator. The investors were impressed by how lightweight and small the X-PLO2R is, and by how quietly it operates. Multiple attendees also commented on how much the X-PLO2R would change the lives of people with chronic lung diseases:

“This is so much better than what Mum has to use. With X-PLO2R she could actually have a life outside of her flat.”

“I wish X-PLO2R was available for my grandmother, instead of her tank.”

“I’m buying this for dad as soon as it is available.”

Bob Rauker also presented at the show, providing a detailed overview of the growing portable oxygen market, the Belluscura products and the regulatory FDA clearance process.

“This is our second year exhibiting at the show, and once again we are thrilled by such tremendously positive response to the X-PLO2R,“ said Rauker. “After we launch the X-PLO2R later this year, we plan to extend our oxygen therapy platform to new applications, including topical oxygen would care units, portable ozone disinfecting systems and portable artificial lungs.”