Seasonal Allergies and COPD

Seasonal allergies are very common, but people who have COPD and allergies suffer from worsened respiratory symptoms such as coughing and wheezing. Here are a few tips on avoiding serious complications:

Stay indoors on days with high pollen and mold levels. Many weather sites provide information on the allergen levels in your area. If levels are high, try to stay indoors to reduce symptoms.

Stay indoors during poor air quality days.  Check the air quality index in your area – high amount of air pollution can worsen respiratory symptoms. If you cannot stay indoors, wear a mask to filter out the pollutants and irritants.

Treat your symptoms. If you have runny nose, itchy eyes or other allergy symptoms, talk to your doctor about allergy medications or decongestants to help lessen breathing difficulties.

Get more tips on avoiding COPD complications during allergy season: