Belluscura, LLC Launches Passport® Disposable Trocar in USA

Surgical trocar further strengthens Belluscura’s presence in the O.R.

Belluscura LLC (“Belluscura”, or “the Company”) the medical device company dedicated to providing premium products at affordable prices, today launched Passport®, its third product, following the successful launches of Slyde™ last summer and Wire Caddy™ last week.

Passport® is used in laparoscopic, or ‘keyhole’ surgery, features the patented SmartTip™ technology and was designed to be compatible with the Da Vinci S and Si robotic surgical systems. Passport®, with its unique seal, is used as the access point for the endoscope which allows the surgeon to visualize the procedure site. The SmartTip™ controls the cutting blade to prevent accidental deployment inside the patient and potential tissue damage.

It is estimated that more than 7.5 million laparoscopic procedures are performed annually, 2.8 million in the US alone. Laparoscopic procedures continue to replace more invasive surgery because of faster recovery, lower surgical headcount requirement and better training.

Belluscura Chief Executive Officer Bob Rauker said: “The launch of this Passport® trocar cements Belluscura’s presence in the surgical device field, and is the first in a family of trocars and cannulae which the Company plans to launch over the coming years. These will form a range of products to support surgeons in an array of specialties”